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TESTCORP has been accepted by the FAA for the new "Thermal/Acoustic Flame Propagation" test.

TESTCORP is in the development stage of building the test apparatus for the upcoming "Thermal/Acoustic Burn Through.


TESTCORP is an FAA accepted testing facility. We have the capability to perform fire properties testing as outlined in the FAA FIRE PROPERTIES HANDBOOK.

On staff we have two Flammability Designated Engineering Representatives (DER's) as well as one structural DER.

The facility has been accepted by the FAA for flammability testing since 1999.

Besides being FAA accepted, TESTCORP is a member of ASTM. We participate in the OSU Task Force Working Group round-robin quality assurance testing every year. Round-robin testing for quality assurance is also done for the Flame Propagation test through the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ.


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